1934 Timmis Ford V8 Roadster


Year:  1934
Make:  Timmis Ford
Model:  V8
Body Style: Roadster

Color:  Blue
Interior: Brown

Engine:  V8 – 239 CU.IN.
Transmission:  3 speed manual

Price:  Please inquire


This Timmis Ford V8 Roadster, the third one built, came off the assembly line as car number three on September 7th 1971. Soon afterward, it was featured as a promotional early production example  on the pages of the very first Timmis Motor Company sales brochures and later on, for a time, it served in a prominent role as a star exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  We  are proud to offer this early production Timmis Ford V8 Roadster, for sale in wonderfully preserved, original factory condition.   Andrew Timmis, the man who built this car, will be pleased to tell you more, at 250-388-6229 or 250-744-9667