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A short tour describing the manufacturing of the Timmis-Ford V-8

Photos of the Timmis-Ford V-8 for your viewing pleasure.

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Timmis Motor Company Ltd.
The Factory

The entire chassis, including the transmission, differential, brakes and steering unit, is assembled from brand new old stock parts found in warehouses from Capetown, South Africa, to London, England, to New York, U.S.A. Even some of the body parts, such as headlight lenses, ammeters and side curtain fasteners are brand new old stock genuine 1934 pieces.

Greyhound: handcrafted hood ornament for the Timmis V-8 Roadster.

While other small body fittings, such as the greyhound (shown above), cowl lights, dash knobs, steering wheel, door latches and handles are hand-made by individual craftsmen across North America, each one making his own highly skilled and finely detailed contribution to the automobile.

Approximately two hundred and fifty suppliers from ten different countries take part in building these automobiles.

Superb craftmanship, uncompromising insistence on accurate and authentic detail, and a sense of tremendous pride go into every Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster.

Below are some examples of components built at Timmis Motor Company Ltd.: convertible top folding mechanisms, dashboards with restored original instruments, and steering columns.

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