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A short tour describing the manufacturing of the Timmis-Ford V-8

Photos of the Timmis-Ford V-8 for your viewing pleasure.

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Timmis Motor Company Ltd.
The Factory

The Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster is a superb touring car. It is one of the quietest and most solidly built automobiles of its type, and it is an absolute pleasure to drive. It may well be considered an excellent investment in lasting satisfaction.

The Timmis-Ford V-8's are true collector's items. Due to the methods used in building them, the production of these automobiles is to be extremely limited and its continuity uncertain.
The procurement and manufacture of the many hundreds of original and authentic parts is a difficult task for Timmis Motor Company Ltd. and in itself, is one of the major reasons why the Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster is now today, and always will be, a very rare and desirable car to own.

The perfection of the automobiles being built, rather than the number of the automobiles being built, has always been the number one priority at Timmis Motor Company Ltd.

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