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The Specs

A short tour describing the manufacturing of the Timmis-Ford V-8

Photos of the Timmis-Ford V-8 for your viewing pleasure.

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Timmis Motor Company Ltd.
The Factory

In the photo below we are loading a Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster with care before shipping it to another happy customer!

Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadsters are flown from Vancouver to London, Amsterdam or Frankfurt in 10 hours, our factory personnel then drive the car to the owners home.

We hope you have enjoyed the factory tour of the Timmis-Ford V-8 Roadster. If you wish to see more, we have a Photo Album for you to browse. We also have large high quality photos available for the Timmis-Ford fan to use as a Windows 95 background desktop! If you have any further questions, feel free to email us. Enjoy the rest of the site!


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